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Welcome to CrappieFishingInfo.com. My name is Mike and my passion is fishing. I love to fish lakes, rivers and salt water. I do not discriminate! However, my favorite is to go crappie fishing!



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As I mentioned above, my name is Mike. I live in north Texas. I have been fishing my whole life. I guess I could be considered a fishing snob. Until recently, all of my fishing experience has been salt water fishing. My main experience was fishing ports and beaches on the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. As such, I always thought that lake and river fishing was not “real fishing”.

Because of my misguided preconception, lately I only fished twice a year. That is how many times a year my family and I go to Galveston. I cherished those trips and planned my outings month in advance. Since I don’t have a boat (and I am cheap), my fishing in Galveston was always on the jetties off of the seawall and/or the big pier on 61st.

A few years ago, after coming back from one of our trips to the beach, my wife asked me why I did not take advantage of the many lakes in the Dallas area. She wondered why I did not fish year around since she could tell that I enjoyed it so much. My first thought was to tell her that lake fishing is not real fishing but I held my tongue. I thought about it and decided I would give it a try. Since that day, I try (and mostly succeed) to go fishing at least once a weekend.

That is when I discovered crappie fishing! It has been an amazing experience and I have been hooked ever since. I love the art of it. it also does not hurt that crappie tastes great. It is the only fish my kids will eat!




As I mentioned above, I do not own a boat. All of my fishing is done from the banks of the numerous lakes around here. Most of my crappie fishing is done from fishing barges.

I found that my extensive experience fishing salt water was pretty portable and usable for cat fishing. High poundage test lines, heavy sinkers at the bottom, and a hook 12 to 14 inches from the bottom. This worked well for a few years as I caught tons of Catfish, Carp and Buffalo.

telescoping rodBut I was always super curious about crappie! One of my co-workers owned a boat. He would go out and catch his limit every time he went out. Everyone would ask him to bring crappie fillets. He would send pics of his catches and comment extensively on how fun it was. I wanted in!

I went to a local barge known for its crappie fishing. I figured “how hard can it be”? I learned quickly that crappie fishing is different from all other fishing. I learned terms like “feel the thump”. I saw fishermen/women jigging and pulling slabs in all kinds of weather. I listened to the competing thoughts of crappie fishing which are jigging vs minnows. I fell in love!

I also learned that 30 pound test line and treble hooks were not going to do it. I learned about jigs, rigs, chartreuse, 6 pound test line and a hundred different things related to crappie fishing. It is definitely an ART.




The purpose of my site is to help newcomers to crappie fishing.


I know a lot of people at work that are asked by their kids to take them fishing and they have no idea what to do.  I have helped many of them with gear and quick how-to’s so they could have a memorable day on the lake with their children.


I want to help anyone that wants to start fishing, and crappie fishing in particular.  I want to show you rigs, setups and gear that will help you catch the big slabs.


For those that are more seasoned , I want to share my experience with you. I want to share pictures and stories. Ultimately I want to have a conversation with my readers. I hope that my passion for crappie fishing shows thought the content of this site. I want it to be helpful and enlightening to you. In the process, I hope to learn a few things myself.

Let’s share this beautiful journey together, learning and enjoying this wonderful passion of ours.

Let me know if you have any questions and I will be glad to help if I can. Please share your comment, questions and experiences so we can all learn and enjoy together!



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