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Welcome to my review of the best waterproof dry bag!


If you spend a lot of time outdoors, you definitely know that a dry bag is an essential piece of equipment that will help you get the most out of your outdoor experience. It will keep everything you own safe and dry. We all know how it can be hard to predict the weather sometimes, or how irresistible the appeal of water sports can be. If you want nothing to stand in the way of you having the time of your life every time you head out, then using a waterproof dry bag is the way to go.


That being said, you should know that just like everything else in life, not all dry bags are created equal. There are some that are amazingly good at getting the job done, while others can be surprisingly terrible. With so many designs, styles, and features to choose from, it can be difficult to narrow down your options. That is where I come in. Through this comprehensive guide, I will show you how to choose a dry bag that suits your needs. Plus, at the end, I have also reviewed some of the best waterproof dry bags you will come across on the market. Hopefully this will help you settle on one that checks all your boxes. Let’s begin.




1. Size

There are a variety of sizes to choose from when purchasing dry bags. Most companies tend to rate the capacity of their dry bags in liters. There are bags as large as 110 liters and ones as small as one liter. Here is a basic guide on dry bag sizes to help you find the right one.



Small dry bags are best suited for carrying items like your wallet, cell phone, and other smaller electronic gadgets. They come in handy when you want to organize your gear, and can be stored in a medium or large dry bag.


– Medium

Medium bags are great for storing larger electronics, backpacks, and larger equipment. During camping trips, they can also be used as pillows when stuffed with soft material and clothing.


– Large

Large-size dry bags can be used to store a variety of items, including clothing and sleeping bags. You can also opt to store smaller dry bags in a large one so as to provide an extra layer of protection for your items.


2. Material


Dry bags come in a range of materials, with the most commonly used material being nylon and vinyl.


– Nylon

Dry bags that are manufactured using nylon are generally considered to be more lightweight. Standard nylon is not waterproof, so when the material is used in the manufacture of dry bags, it is coated with a coating that possesses water repelling properties. The most frequently used coating agent is silicone, but you may also find a dry bag that is laminated with plastic. If you plan on getting a nylon dry bag, ensure that you take a look at its thread count. You will want to go for a bag that has a high thread count since this means that it is of superior quality.


– Vinyl

Vinyl is a bulkier material, which makes it more suited for the manufacture of smaller bags. One of the beneficial features of dry bags made from vinyl is that they can be transparent allowing you to keep an eye on its contents. Additionally, vinyl bags are quite easy to patch in case of a tear.


3. Closure Method


Dry bags feature a variety of closure methods. When assessing dry bags in terms of closure, consider factors such as waterproofness and ease of access are the most important considerations. Here are the different closure types you may encounter.


– Zipper

Some dry bags use zippers, which is a relatively quick and easy method of opening and closing the bag. However, zippers tend to fall apart at the most inconvenient moment, which may render the dryer bag useless. Furthermore, you usually have to lubricate zips frequently in order for them to keep working properly.


– Roll top closure

Many dry bags have a Hypalon roll top closure mechanism. This is where the dry bag is secured by rolling the top down a couple of times in order to squeeze the air out of the bag. The roll top is usually kept in place by a snap buckle that allows for an airtight and waterproof seal.


– Drawstring

Drawstring closures in dry bags are often used in combination with a roll-down or Velcro closure. They are quite easy to use, and they can be repaired if they break.


– Velcro

A Velcro closure provides an extra layer in dry bags for protection from water. Velcro works for both wet and dry conditions.


4. Color


Color is another important feature to consider when selecting a dry bag. If you are conscious of you bag looking dirty, then you may want to go for a darker colored bag, although they tend to absorb a lot of heat in hotter climates. Lighter dry bags are easier to spot in case you misplace them. Depending on your needs and sense of style, you have a variety of colors to choose from.


5. Construction


Dry bags feature varying construction and design methods, including double-seamed, lightweight, and carry straps. Since you will probably want a bag that will serve you for an extended period of time, consider going for one that features durable construction which allows it to endure unfavorable weather conditions, different environments, and constant movement.


6. Straps


When carrying a dry bag, you don’t want your back or shoulders to be hurting- you want it to be as comfortable as possible. A majority of dry bags usually include a side strap so that you can throw it over your shoulder, and some even have two straps which allow you to wear the bag as a backpack.



7. Waterproofness (Is this even a word 🙂


The level of waterproofness is an important feature to consider if the bag you intend to purchase is intended for use in wet conditions. A majority of dry bags are not designed to withstand extended periods of submersion. Instead, they are meant to protect your item against poor weather, splashes, and short periods under water. Ensure that you keenly follow a given brand’s guidance on how you should use the bag so as not to damage your bag.


8. Attachments


If you intend to use your dry bag on boat trips, consider getting one that has attachments. Some models have one or two D-ring attachments that are designed to allow you to attach your dry bag to the boat or to other dry bags. If you purchase a dry bag that doesn’t have D-rings and it turns out you need them, you may be able to buy them separately, although this is an added cost you could have avoided.


9. Pockets


Dry bags that feature pockets allow for convenience, providing you with extra space where you can store your gear. Interior pockets are great for added protection for items such as your keys and phone, while exterior pockets store items like your water bottle and umbrella so that they don’t take up too much space in your dry bag.







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Earth Pak dry bags are made from a 500D PVC fabric material that is heavy duty and durable, which allows for use for extended periods of time. This bag provides protection from wet conditions thanks to its waterproof qualities, making it suitable for outdoor activities on the water. The inside of the bag features a 6.5-inch waterproof phone case that is IPX8 which can fit phones of various sizes. The case comes with a snap and lock mechanism which has clear windows on both sides, allowing you to take photos even with the phone in the bag. It also features a roll top closure mechanism that secures your gear and keeps water from seeping into the bag. Additionally, it also in a variety of colors, ranging from bright yellow to a sleek black shade, giving you a number of options to choose from. There are five sizes of Earth Pak bags available:


– 10 liter

This is among the more popular sizes of this bag. It is quite compact and works best for those who want to pack light but still enjoy the high quality offered by Earth Pak. It is convenient for storing small personal items that you would want to protect from outdoor elements such as cellphones, cameras, water bottles, wallet, and toiletries.


– 20 liter

This is a medium-sized bag that is roomy enough to fit all that you need for a day trip without being too bulky. It can carry small and medium-sized items such as towels, clothing, and shoes.


– 30 liter

This is a bag that is best used for storing a variety of items, including clothing that can last a whole weekend, water and food containers, and survival kits among others.


– 40 liter

The storage capacity of a 40 liter Earth Pak bag can be compared to that of a small rucksack used by campers. It is able to carry items that can last you an entire trip, including a small sleeping bag, towels, and clothing.


– 55 liter

This s the biggest Earth Pak bag you will find in the market. It is able to store items that will last you two weeks, including sleeping bags, food, and water. It features a heavy duty waist belt that is effective in alleviating the added pressure of your load.


The 10-liter and 20-liter dry bags feature a single strap that you can use to carry the bag over your shoulder or crossed over your chest for added convenience. On the other hand, the 30-liter and 40-liter bags feature double or backpack padded shoulder straps which makes the bag easier and more comfortable to carry.


What I like about it


– It is able to keep your gear dry

By securing the rolling the top down a couple of times, you can keep your items completely secure and dry during expeditions on water.


– You have a variety of options in terms of size and color

You have a variety of options to choose from when it comes to size depending on how much luggage you intend to carry. There are different colors available as well, so you can go with what you like.


– It is easy to carry

The single strap in the smaller bags and the shoulder straps in the bigger bags makes them easy to carry so that you don’t have to endure back pain.


– It can be used in rough terrain and harsh environments

Thanks to the durability of the material used in the construction of the bag, it can be used in varying environments and weather conditions.


– Allows for photography in wet conditions

By keeping your phone in the case included in the bag, you don’t have to worry about your phone being damaged by water while taking photos.


What I don’t like


– The attachment for the straps may begin to fall apart

Some customers raised an issue with the attachment for the strap in the 10-liter bag falling apart a few months after purchase


– The phone case only fits a limited number of phone types

The phone case only fits phones that have a maximum diagonal screen size of 6.5 inches, which does not make it suitable for some phone types.





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The Unigear Floating Dry Bag is made from 600 PVC material that is heavy-duty and durable, making it suitable for long-term use. It features a roll-top closure that ensures that the items stored in the bag are secure and dry. The construction of the bag incorporates fully welded seams that make it abrasion resistant for long-lasting use. It also features D-ring attachments to allow you to attach the bag to a boat or another bag. The buckle and D-rings are reinforced with POM material which won’t break even with frequent use. In case you are dissatisfied with the bag, you can replace it, exchange it, or ask for a refund within 60 days of buying it. All bag sizes feature a phone case that is waterproof, dustproof, and snow proof.


The bag comes in a variety of sizes:


– Small bag

The smallest Unigear Dry Bag you will find only has a 2-liter capacity, which makes it ideal for storing your wallet, phone, camera, toiletries, and other similarly sized items. You can also use the small bag to keep dirty and clean laundry separate when stored in a bigger bag. It features a single strap to make it more effortless to carry.


– Medium bags

There are three Unigear bags that are medium in size: 5L, 10L, and 20L. They can be used to store clothes, hammocks, and other equipment. They all feature a single strap that allows for more comfort when carrying them.


– Large bag

This bag has a capacity of 30L and is suitable for carrying almost everything that you will need for a weeklong trip. It features two long and adjustable straps, allowing you to carry it like a backpack.


– Extra-large bag

The extra-large Unigear dry bag has a capacity of 40L and can carry your clothes, paddling or camping equipment, and smaller items. It is suitable for a trip that is meant to last for at least a week. It features two adjustable straps that allow you to carry the bag with ease.


What I like about it


– The bag is sturdy and wear-resistant

The bag is made from material that is tough, making it suitable for a variety of activities, including hiking, boating, paddling, fishing, and swimming.


– It floats on water

You don’t have to worry about your bag sinking when you place it on the water surface since the bag can float.


– It is able to keep items dry even when used on water

The PVC material possesses waterproof properties, keeping your gear secure and dry even in wet conditions.


What I don’t like


– Once locked, the buckle may be hard to unlock

Some customers have raised complaints about the buckle featured on the bag since it got easily stuck, making it hard to unbuckle.


– The stitching may fall apart after sometime

Some customers reported the stitching coming out a few months after use.




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This Waterproof Dry Bag from Earth Pak is made from heavy-duty 500D PVC which makes it durable. Additionally, the construction incorporates welded seams that prevent water from seeping into the bag. The D-ring attachments are effective for when you want to connect the dry bag to the boat, raft, or a backpack. The bag also features a roll top and buckle closure mechanism that keeps the bag air-tight for protection against wet conditions. You can rely on the adjustable shoulder strap that can be extended up to a length of 36 inches which makes it more comfortable to carry the bag around. There is a zippered front pocket on the bag that allows you to access items without having to go through the trouble of unrolling the top of the main storage compartment. All bag sizes feature an IPX8 phone case that is waterproof, fitting smartphones of diagonal sizes of up to 6.5 inches.


This bag comes in two sizes:


– 10L

This is a compact dry bag that is popular with light packers who still want to use heavy-duty gear that will provide adequate protection from outdoor elements. You can fit a variety of small items in this bag, including a wallet, cellphone, toiletries, camera, sunglasses, water bottles, etc.


– 20L

This is a medium-sized bag that is roomy enough to fit items that you will need for a whole day’s trip without becoming too bulky for you to carry. Items that you can store in this bag include clothing, shoes, towels, camera, etc.


– 30L

This size of the bag is suitable for extended camping and boating trips, fitting a variety of items. It features padded backpack straps which are efficient in distributing the weight equally when you carry the bag.


– 40L

This bag is big enough to fit all the essentials you need for an extended vacation. Like the 30L bag, it also features padded backpack straps to make it easier to carry.


What I like about it


– It is easy to carry

The shoulder straps in the smaller bags and the padded straps in the bigger ones make it easier to carry them around.


– It keeps your gear dry

Thanks to the roll top closure and buckle system, you are able to keep the bag airtight and prevent water from damaging your items.


– You have a variety of sizes to choose from

There are four different sizes to choose from which you can use for varying purposes depending on your needs.


What I don’t like


– Seams easily come undone

The seams of the bag may come undone easily, rendering the bag almost useless.


– The material fades easily

The material of the bag, especially for the brightly colored ones, tends to fade over time, so you may want to be more selective when choosing a color.




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The most notable feature of this bag is the transparent window design which allows you to take a look at your gear without having to unpack. The 500 PVC material used in the construction of the bag is known for its toughness and durability even in unfavorable terrain. The seams are fusion welded for added reinforcement, and the double overlap roll top greatly contributes to the waterproof properties of the bag, effectively keeping your items dry. An IPX8 phone pouch that is waterproof is included with the bag. The pouch contains an air circle padding that keeps your phone afloat on the water surface. The material used to make the bag is lightweight enough to allow it to float. The bag features alternative handle as well as fully adjustable shoulder straps to allow you to carry your gear much more easily. The sizes you will find include 10L, 20L, and 30L.


What I like about it


– The bag floats on water

After you close the seal, the bag can float on water, allowing you to track your gear more effortlessly.


– The fabric is tear and abrasion resistant

The tough fabric used to make the bag is strong enough for use in harsh conditions without having to worry about wear and tear.


– It features a shoulder strap that is detachable and adjustable

The shoulder strap can be adjusted to suit the preferences of different people.


What I don’t like


– The plastic lining inside the bag absorbs heat

The plastic lining used in the construction of the bag tends to gain heat, which may end up damaging the items stored in the bag.


– The seams of the bag may come apart

Some customers complained about the quality of the seams since they tend to fall apart, hindering storage.




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The Sak Gear Duffelsak dry bag features a PVC exterior that is durable and resistant to a variety of environmental elements. To keep your items safe and dry, simply roll down the top of the back, and then snap the side of the bag and top clips to secure it. When it comes to size, you have two choices; a 40L and a 60L capacity bag, both of which have roomy interiors where you can store a variety of items. The bag has two handles that are exceptionally sturdy, with a Velcro padded grip so that you can carry the bag comfortably. There is also an adjustable padded shoulder strap that you can use which is removable. Inside the bag, you will find two zippered pockets that you can use for more organization of your gear. There are two exterior pockets featured as well that allow for quick access of items such as IDs, keys, and any other item you may need urgently.


What I like about it


– It is able to keep your items dry

The roll-down top feature of the bag is effective in ensuring that moisture does not get into your bag and ruin your items.


– Material is sturdy and tough in varying environments

The PVC exterior of the bag allows it to be used in varying unfavorable environments without having to worry about it getting damaged.


– The bag is well-organized

The side pockets allow you to store items in different compartments for added convenience and organization.


What I don’t like


– The brighter colors get dirty quite easily

Bags with bright colors such as yellow and white get dirty very easily, so you may want to consider going for darker colors.


– You only get 2 D-rings

The 2 D-rings are located at the opposite ends of the handles, instead of at the end of each handle on both sides, which would have been more convenient.




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This is a 500D PVC dry bag that comes in two sizes:


– 35L

This can hold a sleeping bag, food, clothes that belong to two people, etc. at night, you can use it as a camping pillow. It is recommended for trips that will last for approximately one and a half weeks.


– 55L

This bag is currently the largest product from Earth Pak and can carry up to a couple of sleeping bags. It is recommended for use on trips that will last for approximately two and a half weeks.


The MOLLE system looping that is featured on the front of the bag is essential in providing anchor points that you can attach accessories to, or latch onto while kayaking, boating, or kayaking.


The roll-top closure in combination with the single reinforced strip keeps water from entering the bag. Also included is an IPX8 phone case that can fit phones of a diagonal size of up to 6.5 inches, and is waterproof so that it can be used in wet conditions. The large interior and front pockets provide additional storage, and the padded back panel keeps you from experiencing back pain when carrying the bag. Supportive straps and a waist belt are incorporated in the bag as well to provide support as you carry your load.


What I like about it


– Sturdy

The bag can be used in rugged terrain without having to worry about wear and tear.


– Waterproof

Your items are kept dry when you secure the roll-top closure.


– Comfortable to carry

Despite its size, this bag is comfortable to carry thanks to the supportive straps and waist belt which provide added comfort.


What I don’t like


– The straps may break

When put under strain, the straps may give in and break.




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This dry sack is constructed from 70D nylon fabric that is waterproof, with an eVent base that is permeable, therefore allowing air to be released from the bag, keeping it airtight and dry. There are four extra-long compression straps available that allow for efficient storage of the bag. The Hypalon roll-top closure keeps air out of the bag and allows for an airtight and waterproof seal. The bag comes in 5 sizes: 6L, 10L, 14L, 20L, and 30L.


What I like about it


– Waterproofness

The bag is able to keep the contents of your bag from getting wet.


– Durable

This bag can be used for activities such as sea kayaking, backpacking, camping, and bike packing as long as you avoid sharp objects.


What I don’t like


– Size might be an issue for some

Some customers raised an issue with the sizing of the bag, claiming that items did not fit as expected.


– Only one color available

The bag is only available in white, which might be limiting for those who prefer other colors.


best waterproof dry bag final thoughts




Spending some time outdoors is always a welcome distraction, but sometimes weather conditions can be unpredictable. If you suspect you might get caught in wet weather, or if you are simply planning to spend some time on the water, investing in a good dry bag is very important. It is the only way to keep your electronics, food, clothing, and any other essentials you may have safe and dry.


Whether it is a heavy-duty waterproof dry bag for a camping trip or a sleek dry bag for kayaking, you can rest assured that there is a dry bag somewhere out there for you. I hope this review will help you find yours. Good luck!


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