St Croix Triumph Rod Review – I Actually Own One of These!

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This is a St Croix Triumph Rod review. The Triumph is one of the most successful families of rods made by this historic company based out of Park Falls, Wisconsin. Hopefully after you read this review, you will have the information needed to decide whether this rod is for you! I personally own a St Croix Triumph spinning rod, so I will tell you my thoughts about it and my experiences using it.



st croix Triumph spinning rod


This rod is for anglers, new or seasoned, that are looking for 2 important things:


-An extremely light and balanced rod

-An extremely sensitive fishing rod


If you are exclusively into jigging, these 2 attributes are extremely important. Jigging for hours can be tiring. An extremely light and balanced rod decreases the strain on your wrist and arms. It may seem like this is an exaggeration, but it is not. Heavy, unbalanced rods require aggressive handling in order to control the precise presentation required for jigging. Well balanced and light rods do not require any amount “muscling”. They handle smoothly and offer the precise handling needed for extended, and successful jigging.


When jigging, sensitivity is very important! You want to be able to feel the slightest “bump” in order to be able to set the hook. This increases your ability to catch more fish.




When I fish for crappie, the fishing rod I use makes all the difference. With my st croix triumph spinning rod, I joke that I can feel the crappie “looking” at my jigs. While this is obviously an exaggeration, it tells you just how sensitive I think this rod is.


The St.Croix Triumph is not just for jigging though (I love to fish with minnows). The sensitivity I mentioned above applies just as well when using live baits. You can feel the slightest nibble with this spinning rod.


Finally, if you do a lot of casting and retrieving, this rod will give you the ability to cast your bait or lure exactly where you want it, every time. It is perfect for finesse fishing. It is so light, that you can cast and retrieve hundreds times without getting tired!




For those that are into the technical details here is some additional information.


The triumph series come in different lengths, power and action combinations. Here is a chart that shows all of them


St Croix chart


They are made of premium quality SCII graphite and premium grade cork handles. The guides are hard aluminum oxide, making them rust proof and extremely resistant. The reel seats are Fuji DPS. All the materials are of high quality and durability.






As mentioned above, Triumph rods are sensitive and light. They also have a lot of “backbone”. Let me explain. When fishing for crappie, like I do, sometimes you will come across the occasional monster Bass or Catfish. This rod has the power and strength you will need to easily pull a large Bass out of the water smoothly and with very little effort. I have seen mine bend almost double and perform with no issues at all.


I also found that when using the st croix triumph, I am able to “control” the fish much better after setting the hook. The natural tendency for crappie is to run for cover when they are hooked. They often tangle themselves up making it impossible for you to pull them out of the water. With the triumph, as soon as you set the hook, it has enough strength to keep them from running for cover. Of course, the rod will not do any of this on its own. It takes skill and practice, but the triumph will make those skills even more pronounced and successful.


By the way, this rod does not come with a reel! I pair my triumph with an Okuna reel. I use 6 pound Hi-Viz line and it works perfectly.


Other than excellent function, the st croix Triumph rod brings beautiful aesthetics. This fishing rod looks great! it has excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail because they are handcrafted blanks. The company that makes them has been around for 70 years and they are extremely meticulous about their products. It shows too.


Finally, I want to talk about the warranty. The St Croix company is extremely proud of their work. As one of the most recognizable fishing brands, they offer one of the best warranties in the market. They offer a 5-year warranty on these rods.


When you register the rod, they send you a sticker and some extra information regarding the company. They encourage you to visit their Factory Store with a printed invitation. While this has really nothing to do with the rod itself, it shows a level of pride for their work. It also shows a level of engagement with customers that no other fishing gear company has. I thought it was pretty cool and unique.


St Croix triumph Warranty and Stickers




There is very little about this rod that I don’t like. In my opinion, the reel seats are a bit chintzy. For such a well-made fishing rod, you would think that the reel seats would be made a little better. While they look and feel a bit cheap, I have to say that I have never had an actual problem with them. I have owned this rod for years and I use it at least once a week.


St Croix Triumph aluminum reel seats


my st croix triumph


I own the 6′ Medium Fast triumph. It has 7 guides and comes in one piece. I absolutely love it! As I mentioned above, I fish at least once a week, and this is one of my favorite rods. For those that love to “feel the thump” (aka anglers that favor jigging) this is an excellent choice. You can jig for hours without getting tired. You will have great control of your presentation along with the ability to easily set the hook.


For those like me that fish using live bait and jigs, this rod will give you control and power. Pulling aggressive and feisty fish out of the water will be no problem. From crappie (my favorite) to trout and everything in between, this rod can handle it.


The fact that most of the anglers that I fish with at my local barge have a st croix speaks volumes as to its quality. They may not have a triumph, but many of them own a rod from one of the St Croix “families”.


I think that this is a high end blank, or rod as most people call them. But the price is extremely reasonable. It is accessible to both newer anglers and seasoned fishermen/women without breaking the bank.


As you can tell, I am a fan of this fishing rod and would definitely recommend it.


Amazon usually has these in stock and deliver them very quickly. They also package them up safely so they can arrive at your house without any damage. In addition to being extremely reputable, they have a hassle free 30 day return policy. You can try it and decide for yourself whether it is the right fishing rod for you.







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